Christmas Inspiration with Krone Borealis

We’ve teamed up with food stylist Bianca Davies to bring you some festive recipes, paired with Krone MCC.

For Christmas: Beetroot & Bubbles Salmon Gravadlax paired with Krone Borealis Vintage Cuvée Brut.

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Recipe: Beetroot & Bubbles Salmon Gravadlax


700-800g side of salmon, skin on

3 large beetroot, grated

150g coarse Kosher rock salt

1 large orange, zested

2 large lemons, zested 

juniper berries

1 large handful dill

75g Muscavado sugar

75ml Krone Brut MCC 


Remove all pin bones from the salmon and place skin side down on a large baking tray lined with an oversized piece of baking paper. Place salmon on baking paper. Crush juniper berries in a mortar and pestle. Add the crushed berries and all other ingredients together in a large bowl. Encrust the side of salmon with the cure. Fold the baking paper tightly around the salmon. Cling wrap the salmon very well so no air can get in. Place in the fridge for 48 hours to cure. Remove from the fridge and slice thinly, avoiding the skin.

Serve with toasted bread, crème fraîche, fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon.



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