Interview: Georgia Black of Littlegig

Littlegig festival is a 24-hour showcase of musicians, DJs, chefs, winemakers, artists, designers, speakers and performers. The event takes place on 17 – 18 February 2018.

Join us in the Krone Salon, where a number of make-up artists and hairstylists will be on hand to transform festivalgoers while sipping on Krone MCC.

Ahead of this much anticipated festival we caught up with Littlegig founder, Georgia Black.

How do you harness creativity in your daily life? Creativity and intuition are intimately linked. Creativity to me is about deepening my intuitive understanding of why I am doing something. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ are always easier for me to figure out once I’ve examined the ‘why’. Why do we include food and drinks in the ticket price at Littlegig? So that we don’t break the creative flow by making people think about money, once they’re at the event. With experience, my intuition gets stronger, and the ‘whys’ become easier to answer.

How was the idea for Littlegig born? I was uninspired by Cape Town’s nightlife and so started a series of concerts in the city. They were a great success, but I felt like I needed more time out of people’s lives, so I became interested in the festival space.

Why did you think the idea for combining so many different types of creative energies would work? One of my personal mantras is ‘keep it interesting’. Possibly to my own detriment, I have a low threshold for repetition, which is one of the reasons I’m attracted to the festival space. The opportunities for reinvention are endless! Combining creatives across music, food, design and performance was an intuitive decision based on my own personality. But it was a calculated—or rather, necessary—risk too…magic happens through collaboration. And Littlegig survives and thrives because of the magic factor.

Can you share some of your highlights of the previous festival? The Hair and Make-up Salon launched last year with Krone bubbles in abundance and it was fabulous…12 top stylists transforming guests for free and getting them ready for the ball! Culoe de Song was our headline DJ, playing from our new art car, he is spectacular, low-key, global, everything. And the people. The best thing about Littlegig is always the people and the creativity they bring.

And some of the things to look forward to at the next? The Deep Sleep experience, where festivalgoers lie suspended from trees in cocoons listening to deep brainwave music for half an hour. On the music front, Stelth Ulvang from U.S. band the Lumineers – a true performer; Estere from New Zealand, and Black Motion, an amazing house music duo who are headlining our Basketball Night Stage. Food-wise, it’s all delicious but look out for the hot chip station at the Secret After Party. And for the first time we’ve got comedy at Littlegig…in the incredible form of Guy Pratt, bass guitarist for Pink Floyd and regular at the Edinburgh Fringe. Of course, don’t forget the Krone Salon, which we’ll be repeating.

What appeals to you about the synergy between Krone and Littlegig? Krone has a deep understanding of how to partner with creative brands. In fact, it’s a similar way to how Littlegig works with creatives: we provide the framework, put the right team in place, and then give freedom and but still steer the creative process. Working with creatives is a balancing act that both Krone and Littlegig work hard to understand. In terms of our brand similarities, we both have a sophisticated, future-focused eye for design and a focus on impeccable production.

Advice for other creatives out there with big dreams they want to make a reality? Find out who is providing potential platforms that may be suitable for your work and approach them with examples of what you would like to do, or what you may be able to do. I am always surprised by how few artists approach us. Especially earlier on in a creative’s career, one of the skills you need is an eye for opportunity.



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