Krone Borealis celebrates innovative art at GUILD

We recently popped Krone Borealis in celebration of two new exhibitions at GUILD: Bifurcation is the first solo show for Adam Birch; while Paravent by Olaf Hajek, presented in collaboration with WHATIFTHEWORLD, is the internationally renowned German painter’s third solo show in Cape Town.

The pieces in Bifurcation have all been carved from the part of the tree that carpenters usually discard: the fork.

“I like working with the fork because of what happens to the grain. It goes from being one series of concentric circles to two. The grain does crazy things at this juncture – all sorts of swirls and whorls,” Adam says.

Much like in the creation of Vintage Only MCC: “No two pieces of wood ever share exactly the same colour, form or texture.” says Adam, whose functional timber sculptures are created from alien tree species or from indigenous wood from trees that have already fallen.

From tree whorls that tell stories to the hidden worlds of Olaf Hajek. Paravent is a series of acrylic paintings with a recurring motif of a folding screen or “paravent” in French.


 “The screen creates its own mysterious space. Behind it, you find a hidden world but it also provides security and shelter,” says Olaf.

The works on show were all painted by Olaf during a recent residency in Cape Town, which he calls his “second home and addiction”.

Head to GUILD to marvel at the exhibitions for yourself: both Bifurcation and Paravent run until 12 July 2018

*Artist quotes and info via Southern Guild 



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