BLOOM hosts bi-monthly conversations in Johannesburg, New York & Harare. For BLOOM’s first of #WomenInBloom sessions [10 June 2017], the spotlight was on one of our favourite designers Katherine-Mary Pichulik of the famed local accessory brand, Pichulik. Krone MCC was proud to pour our vintage Cap Classiques at this inspiring and thought-provoking event. Weren’t there? Kat Pichulik brings the magic and wisdom right to you. Read on for her five key points from the talk and get ready to be INSPIRED.

Show up before you’re ready. A saying I heard from Liz Gilbert and Brene Brown: Do not delay beginning things just because you do not feel you are perfect or ready for it. The dangerous pattern is that we never feel good enough or perfect. And the beauty of it is, you don’t have to be perfect, rather aim for authenticity and trying your best and evolving. It is more relatable to see someone try and grow and develop than a perfect veneer. Find meaning in the growth. Do not delay because of unrealistic expectations of enoughness.

Choose the people around you wisely. We as women are so empathetic that we do not set up boundaries from people who drain our energy or hurt us. Especially in love and old female friendships. Continually assess if you are keeping people around you who support, nurture and inspire you.

Your version is unique to you. We so often get overwhelmed with the saturation of all things via social media. We get disheartened that in we see our ideas out there, and sometimes give up on being creative because we feel that everything has been done. Yes, everything has been done – but not the way that you do it. If you spend enough time quiet and still, inspiration shows up through you and finds its unique voice in the process of making and learning and growing which creates authentic new ideas and offerings.

Practice self-reflection regularly. Your life is a mirror of inner self talk and feelings. A creative life means that you fine-tune your ability to manifest. Thus what you manifest is a mirror to what is internally happening within you. Stop blaming your circumstances, and other people for your life, business and environment and rather see these as opportunities to understand your self better and become more disciplined on your thoughts and their power to affect your world.

Self care; the practice of worthiness that attracts abundance and beauty to your life and relationships. At times where we weigh our self worth on accomplishments, doing and other peoples opinions is exactly when we need to practice radical self-care. We need to reconnect to that timeless part within ourselves that is not defined by job, achievement and other people’s approval and give yourself gestures of self-love and praise to re-calibrate the self worth barometer so that it radiates from a stable internal space. I use cooking, exercise, meditation, spiritual practices, women circles and creative play to full my self up in times of doubt and insecurity.



Facebook: @PICHULIK

Instagram: @pichulik

Twitter: @PichulikAfrica



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