The headspace of a milliner

Crystal Birch is a maverick milliner who specialises in irreverent designs of classic hats. We salute her innovative style and recently celebrated with her while pouring Krone Brut Rosé.

We caught up with Crystal to ask her a few questions, and to get into her headspace.

What is it about the Krone MCC that appeals to you?
We are both into local production, bubbly and we love having a good time.

Being a milliner is a fairly unconventional choice…
I always wanted to be a specialist, after I studied fashion design. I knew it would be hats or shoes, so the headwear won.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My daughter’s imagination plays a huge role in my thinking at the moment, and she inspires me to just play. Cooking, traveling also inspire me. And… my grandmothers are my two inspirational women that give me honest and loving feedback.

Tell us about some of your favourite pieces?
I like the pieces that designers and I collaborate on; they get to live in special world. I like feather pieces that move, they’re a great conversation starter.

What is the craziest hat design you’ve ever come up with?
I would say our Rich Mnisi collaboration, for its scale and drama.

How important is it to you that people support local designers?
It’s MASSIVELY important to invest in local talent and to make local manufacturing boom: it makes our economy grow. Our factory is not run by machines, but by people who operate them, by manufacturing locally you are investing in many local people.



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