BLOOM hosts bi-monthly conversations in Johannesburg, New York & Harare. At the most recent talk Krone MCC was once again there to fuel the creative conversation with actress and radio DJ, Nomalanga Shozi.

We chat to co-founder BLOOM and the host of Women In Bloom, Nandi Dlepu who dispenses some pearls of wisdom. Nandi is also the Business Unit Director at T&W, an award-winning production agency and steers the ship at Joho Moms and she also used to run WKND Social; two social enterprises that work to connect people with a like-minded community.

Read on and get ready to be INSPIRED.

Your personal story matters. I believe that context is everything. This nugget has been one of the main drivers behind our Women in Bloom conversations, our intimate gatherings with women we admire, women who inspire us to be better and to be more. The purpose of the gatherings is to help us get to know more about the woman behind the brand. How they got to be where they are today. The conversations also give us an opportunity to draw parallels and this in turn helps other women feel like that they too can fulfill their own dreams. Sometimes we look at people at the pinnacle of their journeys and are intimidated by the gap and I think spaces like Women in Bloom help bring these women and what they have been able to achieve closer to earth and a lot more attainable.

We are constantly becoming. I start most of my interviews by trying to paint a before picture of our featured women. I start with questions around their childhood, belief systems, what they were reading, listening to and even what they looked like. When we look at the women we admire, the people they have become we take for granted that they didn’t always look like this, weren’t always this confident and a lot of the times started their careers somewhere very different to where they find themselves today. As we work to fulfill our dreams and passions I think it’s important to be loving and patient with ourselves. It’s important that we exercise some faith and trust that as long as we are putting in work we will become more of ourselves.

And still I rise. After losing her child, struggling to get her business going and all types of other obstacles Ndumi Matiwane, one of our Women in Bloom guests from our Durban pop up decided to name her store Mind Over Matter. As a result her store has become synonymous with her strength and the triumph of the human spirit. I’m reminded that our glory rather lies in our rising every time we fall. We will stumble, we will trip and we will be knocked down but we must always get up, stand up and rise to meet our challenges, face our demons and overcome our sorrows.

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